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Learning Through Liberation

Donald Greenbaum served in the United States Army as part of the force that liberated the Dachau concentration camp. As a Jewish-American veteran, he never spoke of the Holocaust of World War 2 until the late 1990s. As he began to tell his story, he was reunited with a local survivor of Dachau, Ernie Gross. Don's unique perspective on the Holocaust brings to light the horrors of anti-semitism both in Europe and the United States, and ways for us to take a stand against prejudice and hatred in our daily lives. Click here to check our Rebecca's short film!... Read More

Out of the Darkness We Rise

By Charlie Cole, 2017 Fellow
'Out of the Darkness We Rise' is a compilation of 3 essays about Dr. Spitzer's life. About Mitzvot, Hope and Fear. [pdf-embedder url="https://storiesthatlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ALL-essays-by-charlie-cole-for-stl.pdf" title="ALL essays by charlie cole for stl"]... Read More

Stories of History

By Federico Perelmuter, 2017 Fellow
Stories of HistoryClick to read this book, made with Book Creatorhttps://read.bookcreator.com... Read More

La Courageuse

By Leily Behbehani, 2017 Fellow
href="https://storiesthatlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/cover-2-1-1.jpg"> [pdf-embedder url="https://storiesthatlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/LA-COURAGEUSE-1.pdf" title="LA COURAGEUSE (1)"]... Read More

Coming Home

By Jake Chanenson, 2017 Fellow
Click here to listen to the 'Coming Home' podcast Throughout all media, many retellings of the Holocaust the proverbial--or literal--credits roll just as liberation day comes. What happens after that? How does one rebuild a life? How does one deal with such trauma? Jake Chanenson traces Hansi Bodenheim's incredible story from Aschwitz to Antwerp.... Read More

Goodness Persists

By Isabella Dorfman, 2017 Fellow
[gallery ids="8413,8414,8415,8416"] I wanted to focus Vera's insistence on living a life full of love after the Holocaust. Again and again, Vera kept coming back to all the people who had helped her and her family, and the many wonderful individuals she had met over her life. She has such pride in her large family and her Judaism, symbols of goodness and love persisting throughout all the tragedy.... Read More

The Sun Will Shine

By Sophie Titlebaum, 2017 Fellow
Click here to watch "The Sun Will Shine" Marius Gherovici was born in 1927 in Bucharest, Romania. At age 14, he became aware of the war when the German units began killing thousands of Jews. Marius was sent to the Chisinau ghetto, which he later fled. After escaping, Marius returned to Bucharest and soon left to Argentina to start his family. His children soon moved the states, and after 50 years of living in Argentina, Marius and his wife, Martha, moved to Philadelphia to reunite with their children.... Read More

John Spitzer: How Trauma Becomes a Story

By Eduard Saakashvili, 2017 Fellow
Click here to explore the digital project This digital project, in English and Georgian, chronicles the life of Dr. John Spitzer. Beginning with his childhood in Hungary, it uses a map to trace the path of his life from the Holocaust to retirement in the United States. Along the way, a key questions that animates the narrative is how he was able to turn his traumatic experiences into a story that he shares with students in his frequent lectures. ... Read More

Let No One Say It Did Not Happen: The Tale of a Holocaust Survivor

By Raina Gully, 2017 Fellow
[pdf-embedder url="https://storiesthatlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Let-No-One-Say-It-Did-Not-Happen-The-Tale-of-a-Holocaust-Survivor.pdf" title="Let No One Say It Did Not Happen- The Tale of a Holocaust Survivor"]... Read More