Our Stories, Living On

Out of the Darkness We Rise

By Charlie Cole, 2017 Fellow
'Out of the Darkness We Rise' is a compilation of 3 essays about Dr. Spitzer's life. About Mitzvot, Hope and Fear. [pdf-embedder url="https://storiesthatlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ALL-essays-by-charlie-cole-for-stl.pdf" title="ALL essays by charlie cole for stl"]... Read More

Michael’s Story

By Rachael Garnick & Kathryn Sommer
The objective of this project is to provide middle school students with a basic Holocaust education and build awareness of the events that took place during World War II To make the Holocaust more digestible and relatable by focusing on the story of a survivor To carry the message of Michael's story to prevent acts of genocide but also to give an understanding that prejudice has had a long ... Read More


By Claire Michel, 2016 Fellow
Irrepressible is a series of short stories Vera told me about her childhood. They follow her from the first time she saw the Nazi’s to her experience living in the United States. Each story is accompanied by a few questions for discussion and a drawing I did. Some of the drawings are based on photographs of Vera and her family, which she showed me. Click Here to download [pdf-embedder... Read More

Marius’s Story

By Sadie Rittman, 2016 Fellow
I Can’t Believe that I am Here Stories and Images with Marius Gherovici The work that follows represents pieces of eight hours of interviews between me and Marius. An avid photographer, the images all come from Marius’s personal collection - taken of or by him and his family. The images as I’ve laid them out with the stories don’t always make chronological sense, but can emphasize... Read More

Arnold’s Story

By Katie Greenberg, Bryn Mawr '16
For this project, I partnered with Arnold Vanderhorst. Arnold Vanderhorst was born in Arnum Holland, in 1935. He was five years old when the Nazis invaded Holland in 1940 and at the age of seven, he went to live with a non-Jewish family and passed as an Aryan during the war. Both of his parents died at Auschwitz, but he was reunited with his younger sister and his grandmother at the end of th... Read More